Here are the sites housed at this domain. Please visit them~

Hot Issue | Fanlisting approved fanlisting for Kwon Jiyong of the Kpop group Big Bang.
Beach Bunny | Fansite
A fansite to the manga Peach Girl. It's still in the works.

Green Candy | Kpop Fansite
My shrine to my favorite Kpop singer, KANGTA! Still in the progess.

Innocent Usagi | Shrine
This is the longest I've ever had a site. It's dedicated to my favorite anime character ever, Usagi Tsukino. I'm trying to revive it. :D

Candy | Mini Shrine
This is my mini shrine to the disbanded H.O.T! I started this because I've always loved this group and wanted a shrine about them! It originally started as me just making a profile page to show my friend, so she'd know whose who.