This was version one. I had to start over. I used to have my layouts from when I first created Pinkusagi, but my computer crashed. So this is the most recent one I had. This also was when I decided to fully use PU as a collective! This layout was made by Nelly! The layout was just awesome. It featured Momo from the manga Peach Girl, and it was an Frames layout. It was very cutesy and easy to use. Pretty much good for all resolutions and browsers. I got lots of good comments and feedback from this layout. ^_^

This layout was really sucky and made by me. It took me probably 10 minutes to make. This layout used Div Layers since I had just discovered them. I made this layout when I was in a Love Hina phase. It didn't last very long. The layout did stay up for a while though. I think it's really funny that when I had this layout up, I found someone using my layout, hot linking it from me, and they didn't even atleast change the names I had or anything. Haha, how dumb.

This layout I really loved. I absolutely adored the picture and Kangta. I put the layout up when I became very hooked on Kpop. It features the K-pop singer KangTa in his younger days. This layout was Iframes. It was my first attempt as Iframes. The layout was very pink and cutesy too. This one I think stayed up the longest since I very much liked it. ^^;; I still love it to death. <3

Version 4 was made by Coftia! I requested it from him. XD This layout I have to say was very neat. It wasn't regular scrolling, some kind of DHTML scrolling. :D I thought that was so awesome, I've never had a layout like that! >o<~ On the layout was FLAME. At the time he made it, I was very much in love with them. This layout lasted a few months, then I got determined to update, so the layout went down. ^^;;

I thought this layout was the coolest, best made layout that I had ever created. It was so different and cooler than any other layout I had made before. Now, it looks kind of plain to me, but I love it. This layout featured Keita Tachibana from the group w-inds.. I think people liked the spike on it. Some people even asked me for a tutorial about it. ^^; What I really liked about this layout is how I got the domain organized. Usually it wasn't really, hehe.

Aww, this is a cool layout and it features Kim Dongwan from Kpop group Shinhwa. I had never really noticed him in Shinhwa until 2005, when the layout was made. This layout is so cute! The cutest one I've had! I loved the pinkness and also the overall cuteness. It was made for me by a ex-friend. They did an awesome job with it. I seriously loved it from the moment I saw. I liked how small it was. But sometimes it hurt my eyes because it was too pink. I learned something from this layout though. . . I learned that small font + small layout don't mix too well. x_x;;