Here is some info on the domain.

Q: Why did you get this domain?
A: Well, I got this domain because I wanted a domain, but I wanted it to be dedicated to Tsukino Usagi (Tsukino Usagi from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon). So I thought really hard and came up with an idea. The idea was that I like the color pink and Usagi. So I decided, why not call it! So on June 2, 2001 this domain was registered at

Q: Why did you decide to make it a Collective site?
A: Because I have so many sites and wanted to make a website dedicated to all my sites! Also, I wanted somewhere to host my sites.

Q: Gimme some info about this layout.
A: This is version 7 made by me. It is a table layout featuring Kim Bomi. The reason I call this With Freshness is because Bomi was in a kpop group called M.I.L.K. Their debut album was called With Freshness. Anyways, this is kind of different than most of my layouts...

Q: Will you host me?
A: I used to host many people before, but then it became a hassle because of server problems and such. Now, I just wont host anymore. Sorry. I guess if you are really desperate and I'm a LAST resort, email me.